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Aerial Yoga

Fly and Spin with Aerial Yoga

Imagine flying through the air, stretching in every which direction and feeling weightless as you contort your body into a collection of yoga poses. This might not sound like something you can experience in a local yoga class, but it is something you can here at achieve at iMatrix Yoga Division in San Diego. More people are turning to aerial yoga for a fitness experience like no other.

As with any form of yoga, aerial yoga uses progressive, methodical movements to encourage strength building, flexibility, mindfulness and meditation. As a standard practice, yoga encourages movements that flow into one another. This encourages the person practicing to become more aware of their body, including the tone, size and shape of the different aspects of their body and how comfortable or challenging it may be to enter certain poses. At iMatrix Yoga Division we aim to create a physically challenging but mentally rewarding workout that is both therapeutic and helpful for weight loss.

About Aerial Yoga

When you walk into a local yoga class at iMatrix Yoga Division for aerial yoga, you’ll find fabric trapeze-like mechanisms hanging from the ceiling. Think of these fabric ropes in the same way you would the traditional mat. In yoga, you live and breathe on your mat. During the course of the class the mat becomes your entire world, and it is up to you to find your comfort spot, balance in whatever way you can and as you feel comfortable twist and jump and rise off the mat just enough to see what you are capable of.

As you flow through movements in our aerial yoga class, you will be wrapped within that hanging material. You’ll use the material to hold your weight off of the ground as you work through some of more than 700 poses that are uniquely designed just for aerial yoga purposes.

The material is sturdy and able to hold large amounts of weight, ensuring that the practice is safe. By dangling in the air, your balancing and strength building initiative is taken to another level as you are encouraged to stay in motion to keep your feet off the floor for the duration of the course.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

An aerial class offers many of the same yoga benefits as other styles, including emotional, spiritual and health benefits. During one of these courses you will experience a deep stretching sensation throughout your body, which helps to tone muscle, build strength and increase your range of motion. By allowing your feet to leave the ground and trusting in your iMatrix Yoga Division instructor, the fabric, and yourself for keeping you up, you take a small leap of faith that can deliver significant therapeutic reward, as well as weight loss and health benefits.

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