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Incorporate Dance and Calorie Burn in a Barre Yoga Class

Barre yoga at iMatrix Yoga Division in San Diego incorporates an aspect of dance, cardio fitness and traditional yoga to deliver physical, mental and even spiritual benefits to each member of our yoga class. In recent decades, as the popularity of all forms of yoga have grown dramatically in the United States, different forms of the practice have emerged. Yoga is now practiced indoors and outdoors, in heated rooms and in the air conditioning, and even with certain props. This is where barre yoga enters the conversation.

What Is Barre Yoga?

Your iMatrix Yoga Division Barre yoga class will combine the traditional practice of yoga with classical ballet moves, while also incorporating a standard barre. The barre stretches across the course of a room and stands about three feet tall. Because this hybrid course at iMatrix Yoga Division combines traditional elements of yoga and traditional elements of ballet, the result is a challenging fitness routine that can target and sculpt muscle while encouraging weight loss through fat and calorie burn. You will also continue to enjoy some stress management techniques and conscious breathing throughout your course -- don’t worry, one of our instructors will guide you throughout.

The Barre Yoga Experience

Barre yoga courses are often challenging, but our classes can be tailored to any fitness level. At iMatrix Yoga Division, we want a variety of people to be able to enjoy our classes. Both ballet and yoga incorporate balancing and strength building activities, and so our courses that combine the two forms of activity will highlight these two aspects of exercise in particular. During a barre yoga class we will guide you through methodical poses that target different muscle groups. The classes are usually high energy, so they can be classified as a cardio course.

The methodical movements, deep stretches and positive attitude that are encouraged in the yoga atmosphere continue to deliver the mental health and stress management benefits that we know you come to expect and love from a yoga class. Different than traditional dance classes, barre yoga goes beyond the physical elements of an aerobic workout by offering spiritual support to all of our class members.

Those looking to add something to their traditional yoga or dance routine may be interested in barre yoga at iMatrix Yoga Division. Our barre courses are great for calorie burn and weight loss, as well as mental well being. Though the ancient practice of yoga was once limited to the spiritual in Eastern cultures, yoga is now a favorite Western pastime and it can fit into any fitness level. Barre Yoga benefits the body and the mind, helping to sculpt muscles, afford fat and calorie burn and encourage weight loss while also offering stress management support for improved mental well being.

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