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Cold Stone

Cold Stone Massage: What Are the Benefits?

You've heard of hot stone massage and its many benefits, but did you know that an equally effective non-heated version exists as well? This claim might seem a stretch to those who know and love the inclusion of hot stones into their usual massage routine. However, as many participants have learned, there are certain situations in which non-heated stones may be more effective than their warmer counterparts. At iMatrix Yoga Division, we encourage you to incorporate a massage into your San Diego lifestyle as a way to recover sore muscles after a workout or just enjoy some mental decompression. If your current lifestyle leaves you feeling stressed out and consistently ill at ease, it might be time to consider incorporating the occasional cold stone massage into your routine.

Differences between Hot and Cold Stone Massages

The same basic techniques apply to hot and cold stone massages, both of which involve the targeted application of smooth stones. Hot stone massage therapists utilize basalt, a volcanic rock capable of retaining a surprising amount of heat. In cold stone massage, the stone of choice is typically marble, which is known for its ability to draw warmth from focused areas on the body.

Benefits of Cold Stone Massage

If you've ever experienced the deep sense of relief derived from the placement of an ice pack on a swollen injury, you know just how much relief a cold pack can deliver. This concept forms the reasoning behind cold stone massage; participants can ease aches and pains through the targeted application of chilled marble. When delivered by a knowledgeable San Diego massage therapist, a cold stone massage can ease symptoms of sinusitis, reduce swelling or minimize the bloating and discomfort of a woman experiencing premenstrual syndrome.

Ideal Candidates for Cold Stone Massage

Struggling to choose between a hot stone and a cold stone massage? Both approaches can be beneficial, but not all participants will respond similarly to the application of either hot or cold stones. Non-heated stones are often utilized in hopes of promoting greater energy and stamina, qualities that are difficult to produce under the relaxing influence of hot stones. Additionally, participants suffering with inflammation or swelling may find that, instead of improving stretch and range of motion, the application of hot stones only exacerbates an already problematic condition. In such cases, the use of cold stones is definitely a preferable alternative.

Cold stone massage can help you recover swollen muscles, enable relaxation after iMatrix Yoga Division class in San Diego, or provide a new form of massage therapy at the end of a long and chaotic week. Whether you aim to stretch a depleted energy reserve or simply experience a brief escape from your stressful lifestyle, you'll come away from your cold stone massage feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world!

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