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Feel Refreshed with a Therapeutic Facial

Whether you are walking down the street, conducting a business meeting or prepping for a reunion with old friends, the health and appearance of your face will speak volumes about your way of life. Unfortunately, your face is also one of the first places where signs of age and stress are going to show. Smile lines, crow’s feet, dimples and acne are common troubles that appear on the face, and they can develop at any age. A facial cannot erase wrinkles, but it can deliver a youth-like glow to your facial skin that may help you to feel more comfortable. A facial by a trusted San Diego professional can clean your pores and leave you feeling -- and perhaps looking -- many years younger.

What Is a Facial?

A facial is a form of massage that focuses entirely on the face. Facials are completed by an esthetician who is trained to apply appropriate pressure to different trigger points on the face and surrounding the hair line to relieve tension and reduce stress.

Facials generally use a specially designed cleansing solution, including soaps, lotions and other materials that will remove dead skin particles from the surface of the skin and cleanse the pores, helping your skin to become more vibrant and healthy.

The most common types of facials include:

  • Traditional facial: A traditional facial is ideal for men and women of all ages. It offers a basic massage, exfoliation and cleanse that helps the facial skin to glow and reduces your risk of breakout from acne.
  • Parafin wax: A paraffin wax facial helps to make the skin feel softer by applying a customized mask to the surface of the skin.
  • Acne facial: While acne may be most prone among teenagers, adults still struggle with this frustrating issue. An acne facial uses cleansing solutions to clear the pores of bacteria and reduce the appearance of acne.
  • Collagen facials: While a facial is not able to eliminate wrinkles, a collagen facial comes close. This type of facial helps to restore collagen in the skin to reduce the development of wrinkles and preserve youth-like elasticity. This form of facial is commonly referred to as an anti-aging facial.

Getting a facial in San Diego can be an incredibly relaxing experience. These brief and pinpointed treatments incorporate massage and cleansing solutions to help you leave the spa feeling refreshed and ready to put yourself on display. Consider the different forms of facials and try several options to find what form of facial is ideal for your skin and self-care needs.

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