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Neck and Shoulder

Neck Pain and a Busy Schedule? Therapeutic Neck and Shoulder Massage is the Solution

Everyone loves a nice lower back massage, particularly when chronic back pain adds unnecessary hardship to your everyday life in San Diego. Lower back massages are highly therapeutic and excellent for assisting in recovery from a variety of injuries and other conditions. But sometimes, those receiving massages ask for extra attention on the lower back at the expense of areas equally deserving of special treatment. For example -- anyone dealing with a severe case of anxiety could find instant relief with the assistance of a neck massage. In addition to the techniques learned at iMatrix Yoga Division, a quick neck massage can help recover sore muscles and ease overall tension in the body. The following are just a few of the many situations in which neck and shoulder massages prove highly therapeutic.

You Have a Busy Schedule

Eager for a massage but unable to fit an hour and a half of relaxation into your schedule? You might want to reassess your priorities, as spending time on ensuring wellbeing and physical recovery is never a bad time. But we all go through busy periods and that should not necessarily limit our ability to enjoy massages. Often, sessions limited to the neck and shoulder are shorter, lasting between half an hour and 45 minutes. This may be easier to work into your crazy San Diego schedule,and it will still allow you to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of massage. In addition to muscle recovery, massage has been known to quiet the mind and provide relief from emotional stressors.

You Are Recovering from an Injury Or Heavy Physical Exertion

Whether you've recently sustained an injury or simply feel sore after a long session of raquet ball, you stand to benefit from a nice shoulder massage. Such treatments are particularly effective for those in recovery for torn rotator cuffs, whiplash and a whole range of other problematic injuries. If you're simply stiff from a heavier than usual bout of physical activity, you can work out some of that tightness with the help of a deep tissue massage. You'll come away refreshed and ready to return to your regularly scheduled physical activity.

We spend so much time stressing out, engaging in bad posture habits and otherwise harming our necks and shoulders. Every once in awhile, it's nice to give those poor regions of the body a break from the strain of everyday living. One way to accomplish relief, of course, is a good yoga session here at iMatrix Yoga Division. Therapeutic massages also help your mind and spirit heal. A massage focused exclusively on the neck and shoulders can afford you a break from daily strain and stress without putting any burden on an already jam-packed schedule. Get ready to treat your upper back to a small taste of the pampering it deserves!

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