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Prenatal Massage

Stay Comfortable While Expecting with Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women often struggle with far greater range of symptoms than the stereotypical morning sickness. As the fetus grows, many expecting women in San Diego begin to experience a variety of aches and pains, not to mention the discomfort associated with an expanding body. These factors can ultimately combine to result in limited stretch and mobility, forcing women who would otherwise love to be active to remain frustratingly still. In combination with prenatal yoga at iMatrix Yoga Division, massage can offer a clearing of the mind and relief from physical discomfort.

The growing pains associated with pregnancy pose enough of a challenge, but add a huge dose of hormones and all kinds of other stressors and you can see why so many women feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, interventions such as yoga, meditation and massage all serve to make this stressful time a bit more manageable. Prenatal massage is particularly beneficial, both in its ability to stretch stiff muscles and induce a calming state similar to that of standard meditation. Detailed below are just a few of the additional benefits attributed to prenatal massage.

Relief from Swelling

Swelling is a normal side effect of pregnancy, but unfortunately, the symptom can be incredibly uncomfortable for women unfortunate enough to experience it. Targeted massage is an excellent solution to swelling, particularly the more severe cases that may be classified as pre-eclampsia. Cold stone massage is often lauded as an ideal antidote to bothersome swelling; during this process, chilled marble stones are placed directly on swollen areas in order to bring immediate relief.

Reduced Back Pain

Between breasts filling with milk and the obvious weight associated with a growing fetus, it's only natural for pregnant women to experience some level of back pain. Such aches and pains are only increased by the presence of stress and anxiety, both of which are problematic enough without the added pressures related to pregnancy. During a prenatal massage, your trained therapist targets the lower back and shoulders with long, gentle strokes that stretch out cramped muscles and diffuse hardened bands of tissue. When combined with meditation, the traditional Swedish massage approach proves wonderfully effective in ridding your body of both the mental and physical causes of back pain.

Back pain and swelling are just two symptoms on a long list of side effects that can easily be addressed by a trained San Diego massage therapist. Whether your symptoms lie primarily in the realm of mental anxiety or are purely physical in nature, you'll be sure to find relief with prenatal massage! If you think that prenatal massage can help you with some targeted pain, consult with your physician to see if it might be a good option for treatment of your symptoms. Massage makes an excellent follow up to a low impact class at iMatrix Yoga Division!

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